Farmer Jason

I’m really picky about the music my kids listen to. It’s hard for me to find music that’s appropriate for them, not too commercial, and not horrible for me. I was thrilled to find Farmer Jason on the kid’s music station. We downloaded the A Day at the Farm album from and have enjoyed it most mornings ever since. The music takes you on a trip around the farm from morning until night. You visit different animals, crops, and machinery. It’s interesting and informative and our whole family likes it. Our favorite track is the Cow song (which is wrongly named ‘I’m Just a Crow’ online.)

***Tip: The songs build on each other, so it makes more sense if you make a playlist with the songs in order.


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TotBooks – Free Preschool Resource

I really appreciate free resources that help me to educate my kids. Homeschooling can be really expensive, and it’s helpful when a creative person shares their skills with home educators. Last night, I found a great resource that is creative, interesting for my child, and free! It’s called TotBooks, and JB loved making the Big Machines one.

Their website is very good, so I won’t double their text, but the books work thematically on basic preschool skills, name recognition, numbers, early reading, coloring/color recognition, etc. You can make the books/packs with basic supplies.

You can click the banner below to be taken to the website 1+1+1=1.

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World Almanac for Kids and Puzzler Deck

During a recent visit to Boston, I rediscovered the children’s bookstore, Curious George, in Harvard Square. While their website is good, their store is amazing. I could have spent hours and several hundred dollars there… just for me. 🙂

My favorite find was the World Almanac and Puzzler decks. My two kids, 1 & 3, are too young for the world almanac, but I bought it anyway. It is jam packed with interesting facts that are presented visually. I highly recommend this book!

Buy this book!

The main reason for this post, though, is my love for The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Decks. It is hard to find interesting material for pre-schoolers. It seems that the market is flooded with alphabet and number flashcards with some colors and shapes cards thrown in. These cards get tedious for my 3 year old and are very dull for me! These puzzler decks are a great addition to our ‘school’ time. We have the Early Math, Kindergarden Skills, and Early Science cards. James is learning about phases of the moon, animal defenses, measurement, rhyming, ordering objects, patterns, etc in an age appropriate format.

The two of us sit down with a deck and read through the card. I then give him the background knowledge he needs to figure it out and talk through it with him. The cards are rated for 3-5 year olds, so some of the cards are a bit too difficult for him right now. We just skip those, or go through them quickly. We can usually get through about 10 cards in a setting. You can check out specific examples at Amazon, who lets you look at the first couple of cards. You can click any of the book covers to be linked to the Amazon page.

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